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true leatherman.jpg

The True Leatherman Cave
in Watertown

For almost 6 years starting in 1883 the Leatherman made his 365 mile walking route thru various towns in New York and Connecticut taking on average 34 days to complete each circuit. He would rest for the night in barns and out buildings and shelters in the woods. One of these shelters was in Watertown. It is located about 400 feet east of Route 6 about half way between the north and south intersections with Bidwell Hill Road. It is a small rock overhang with a stream nearby. Sometime in the last 50 years, the location shown in maps and guidebooks had moved it underneath a hilltop on the Mattatuck Blue Trail called Crane's Lookout. The rock formation underneath was called the "Rock House" according to the Tenth edition of the Connecticut Walk Book (1973).
The WLT will be leading a moderate      (1 mile round trip) hike to the true Leatherman cave and optionally, we will continue on a more challenging hike to the Rock House (2.5 miles round trip). Sturdy footwear, water, and a hiking staff are recommended.

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